Magic Mushroom Gummy 4g - NeauTropics

Magic Mushroom Gummy 4g - NeauTropics

Artisanal Gummies. Elevated Ingredients, Elevated Minds.

Neautropics is committed to only using the finest ingredients in our products. We start with organic, fair trade, all natural ingredients, and blend a carefully curated selection of exotic, organically harvested whole fruiting bodies for the perfectly balanced experience.

4g of Fruiting Bodies
16 Pieces Total, ea piece .25g

Recommended Dosage:

.25 - 2 Pieces = Microdose
1 - 4 Pieces = Recreational Dose
4 - 8 Pieces = Therapeutic Dose
8 - 16 Pieces = Spiritual Dose

*Tolerance level is subjective to the individuals biology, consume at your own discretion*

Available in 4 Flavors:

Mango Tajin
Sour Green Apple
PB & J All Day
Peachy Lychee