Dried Magic Mushrooms 3.5g - Only Shrooms

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3.5 gram individually prepackaged bag of dried mushrooms.
1 ounce (8 bags) $20 OFF, $340.

Here are some strain descriptions that are available. Please take into account that some strains still do not yet have any research done. We try our best to give as much information available. However, there is still a lot we are all collectively learning when it comes to potency and effects for each of the different strains. Along with new strains being created. Ultimately, every person would have to experience with different products & strains to determine which is best for your own personal needs & preferences.

* Moderate high (above average potency)
* Microdosing/Recreational Use
(15 to 30 minute activation(fastest), front heavy trip, euphoria, excitement, mind bending, visual, hallucination, long lasting body high, imaginative & creative at the end of trip)

APE (Albino Penis Envy):
* Albino Variant of PE (powerful/intense high)
* Spiritual Use
(Glowing visuals, distorted sense of reality, euphoria, visual or auditory hallucinations, spiritual)

Burma (Burma Cubensis):
*Profound sensory alterations, heightened introspection, and intense visual hallucinations
*Transformative and therapeutic
*Potent; start with low dosage and gradually increase as needed

Golden Teacher:
*Average Potency
*One of the oldest & dominant strains on the market
*Sensory enhancement, perception of time, space, and surroundings can be altered, euphoria, peacefulness, spiritual awakening or enlightenment, hallucinations, visual alterations & distortions.

* Moderate high
* Recreational/Outdoor Use
(Fun, engaging, uncontrollable bouts of laughter/giggles, distorted sense of reality, visual, hallucination, spiritual)

Mad Hatter:
*High Potency
*Effects include but not limited to euphoria, time dilation, & fractals that producing very strong and intense visuals, spiritual experiences, and auditory and visual hallucinations.
*Unique mutation that is extremely rare
*Recommended for advanced shroomers only at higher doses.

Makilla (aka Makilla Gorilla):
*Cross between Melmac Penis Envy & APE
*Unique lineage delivers deep experiences for both novices and experienced users

Penis Envy:
* Powerful/intense high (most potent, most popular)
* Spiritual Use
(increased creativity, visual or auditory hallucinations, heightened state of consciousness, sense of peace & understanding, euphoria, & well-being)

*Expect above average potency with this unique mushroom strain. Shakti magic mushrooms will bring you to a world of pure euphoria and stunning visuals. We believe that Shakti mushies are a strain that everyone should try at least once. Depending on your setting this strain can be great for using alone or in a group setting.

*AA+ and other albino strain blend
*Quicker high, average potency
*Relaxing, euphoric effects

*Distinguished by their thin, pleated, umbrella like caps
*Calming, euphoric effects and visuals

* Moderate high (Above average potency)
* Descendant of GT
* Therapeutic Use
(visual, hallucination, deep contemplation, euphoric, immersive journey, throughout)

Thrasher( Thrasher PE):
* Mild high(mild potency)
(visual hallucination[fractal & geometric patterns], euphoric, clear mind & cognitive process, spiritual)

Bluie Vuitton:
*Penis Envy variant
*Known for power and great visuals

Space Monkey:

*Strong visuals, elevated euphoria
*Fun, engaging, and imaginative